Prof. Anastasios D Papatsoris

Dipl.-Eng., PhD, MTEE, MIEEE


Dr. Anastasios D. Papatsoris is Professor of Communications in the Department of Informatics & Communications of the Serres Institute of Education & Technology and Head of the Informatics & Communications Section of the Applied Research Centre of Serres, Greece. He has established a contemporary communications laboratory in the TEI of Serres covering both educational and research purposes. He is an International Telecommunications Union (ITU) accredited international expert on radio spectrum management and monitoring and contributes regularly to Seminars and Workshops organized by the ITU aimed at delivering expert knowledge and training to telecommunications regulatory institutions. He is an academic partner to INA Academy (SETA) and a research partner to the Southeastern Europe Telecommunications & Informatics Research Institute (INA). He has seventeen years of professional and academic experience in the field of Radiocommunications and has authored more than one hundred and fifty technical reports, textbooks, studies, journal articles and conference papers. He is currently actively involved in research on the prediction of performance of wireless communications systems and radio propagation, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), the planning and deployment of digital TV (DVB-T) and radio (DAB) services, in measuring electromagnetic radiation from various sources including mobile base stations, contributes to public awareness campaigns on the rational use of mobile telephony and offers consultancy services on radio spectrum management and monitoring. 

Professor Papatsoris holds an Electrical & Computer Engineering degree [1988] by distinction from the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering of the University of Patras, Greece, and a Doctorate in Radiocommunications [1993] from the University of Bradford, UK. He worked as an engineer and researcher [1988-1995] for the University Hospital of Patras (electronic communications, database design & administration), European Space Agency (radiowave propagation, satellite communications), British Telecom (broadband fixed wireless communications), Rutherford Apletton Laboratories (radar space applications, DSP) and the University of York (radar design, radiowave propagation, spectrum management and high-altitute platforms). 

Professor Papatsoris was a Lecturer in the Department of Electronics of York University, UK for six years [1995-2000]. During this period he taught several courses in the field of Communications, Electromagnetics and Radio Spectrum Management at undergraduate and postgraduate level. He also managed several research and industrial projects (British Aerospace, European Space Agency, Rutherford Apletton Laboratories, EPSRC) related to the development and utilization of new radio communication systems and applications and offered consultancy work to the British Radiocommunications Agency through York EMC Services Ltd. on radio spectrum management and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues. 

In 2000 he joined the Greek National Telecommunications & Post Commission as an expert in satellite communications & radio spectrum management (frequency assignment, national & international co-ordination of services, interference studies, spectrum pricing). He was responsible for Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) and 3G Mobile Telephony licensing in Greece, developing the license technical requirements, designing and implementing the licensing mechanism (auction) and leading the corresponding promotion campaigns. The auctions allocated radio spectrum successfully and raised an income of more than 600 million Euros for the Greek Government. In 2002 became the Director of Radio Spectrum Management & Monitoring Directorate. During his term of service the foundation for spectrum management and radio monitoring plan for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games was set, while at the same time the National Integrated Spectrum Management and Radio Monitoring System was procured.