Curriculum Vitae  

Alkiviadis Tsimpiris


Current Position:

  • Associate Professor, 
  • Department of Computer, Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering,
  • International Hellenic University (IHU),
  • Director of IHU Life Long Learning Center

Terma Magnisias, GR-62124, Serres, Greece

Tel: +30 23210 49340

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



-  PhD  obtained in 2012  at the Department of Mathematical, Physical and Computational Sciences, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece,  titled: “Data Mining in timeseries databases: feature selection and classification”

- PhD  obtained in 1997 at the Department of Chemistry, University of Ioannina, Greece,  titled: “Study of conformational space of flexible molecules using Molecular Mechanics/Dynamics and Quantum Chemistry”

 - B.Sc. obtained in 1987 at the Department of Physics, University of Ioannina, Greece


Professional Experience and Funded projects:



“Virtual Auditorium”, funded by   Erasmus+, (SC)

• “Development of Smart Agriculture Applications for monitoring - improving production and training farmers”,   funded by  “Investment Innovation Plans”, Operational Program “Central Macedonia-Greece” (SC)

• “English as Maths Speech”, funded by   Erasmus+, (SC)

• “Creative Engineering”, funded by   Erasmus+, (SC)

• “Gamification is the tool for new learning” , funded by   Erasmus+, (SC)

• “BEE with APEX” , funded by   Erasmus+ (RT)

• “Optimization of placement and counting of goods in large industrial areas using drones”, funded by   “Investment Innovation Plans” Operational Program “Central Macedonia-Greece” (RT)

• “Strengthening and accelerating the merger processes and abolitions of higher education institutions”, funded by National resources ( RT)

• “Maintenance using deep learning 4.0”, funded by “Investment Innovation Plans” Operational Program “Central Macedonia-Greece” (RT)

• “GreTaste”, funded by RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE, EPANEK (RT)


***Scientist in charge (SC), member of the research team (RT) 



-       External Scientific cooperator, Department of Informatics Engineering, Technological Education Institute of Central Macedonia (TEI CM), Greece (2000-2017)

-       Education Manager, Research Coordinator, Software Developer and Trainer, at the Training Center and Lifelong Learning "COMPUTER.GR" Maragkoudaki 8 - Serres. (1997 – 2017 )

-  Participation in the project  "Open Academic Courses" (IPS383970) for TEI of Central Macedonia, where an e-class platform  and 103 online courses of type A- and A + were developed.  [] (2013 – 2015   )

-       Postdoc participation in the research project titled “Networks and Classification from Granger Causality of Multivariate Time Series with Applications in Neurophysiology” funded by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology, Greece   (Code 4822) for software development and data mining analysis. [] (2014 – 2015            )

-    Participation in the project "Secure and Revokable Biometric Identification for use in Disparate Intelligence Environments" funded by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology, Greece for the development of the Data Base and the appropriate software classes . (Code: 09ΣΥΝ-72-597).  [].(2012 – 2013            )

-     Participation in the project "Investigation of Central Nervous System of patients with multiple sclerosis by means of magnetic transcranial stimulation with electroencephalogram (TMS-EEG in the Department of Medicine of the AUTh (2013           )

-        Participation in the project titled: "Enhancement of Computer Science at the Technological Educational Institute of Serres" (MIS83549) for the construction of an educational DVD for the course “Databases” (2008          )

-           Special Associate to the Municipality of Serres in the Department of Planning and Development (2007-2009)

-       Participation in the project titled: "Development of databases and software for the organization, storage and redistribution of the digital audiovisual material of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games to the Athletes of  the Olympiac Village"  in collaboration with the Electroacoustics Division of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the Polytechnic School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. (2004)          

-        Scientific coordinator of the research project titled: "Digital video recordings in personal video recorders (PVRS)" within the framework of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology program of PABET-NE. (2004 – 2005 )

-    Project assignment: 'Software development, installation and operation of on-line links' for the research program. "Development of a Focal Point of Documentation at University of Ioannina. (1993 – 1994)


Teaching Experience

Several undergraduate and postgraduate courses at IHU (ex TEI CM), writing course notes for each course.

Expertise and Research Interests

Data mining methods and knowledge extraction from time series databases (correlation, clustering, association rules, classification). Dimension reduction by developing feature selection methods. Application of data mining methods in uni-variate time series as well as Granger causality measures in multi-variable time series. Data Analysis in neuroscience, on EEG data, using feature based clustering and classification. Data Analysis  on video data (content based analysis). Big Data processing, storage and analysis. Social Media Analytics. 


(Sum of times cited without self-citations: 148, h-index: 9, source Scopus at 3/03/2021)

- 22 papers in international peer-reviewed journals

- 18 papers in international peer-reviewed conference proceedings

- >30 papers in national conference proceedings (most of them applying peer-reviewing)

-  3 chapter in books

- 5 books

The full list of publications may be found in  (Publications)

Conferences organization

- Participated in the organization of one international and one national conferences;  - participated in the organization of one national summer school and conference; participated with oral presentations in many international and national conferences.


Supervisor of >30 Postgraduate Thesis (2016-2024) in the "Applied Informatics" Program of the Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia (some of them are in progress).

Principal Supervisor of >80 Graduate Thesis since 2004 to present in the Department of Engineering Informaticsof TEI of Central Macedonia (some of them are in progress).

Administrative experience

In the position of Vice President of the Association of Special Educational Staff of TEI of Central Macedonia (2005-2013).  


- 3rd Award for innovation excellence in Central Macedonia. (2004 – 2005)  

- European Research Award for the proposal submitted  "Optimization of sports training methods using innovative multimedia assistance (SPINN FP5)“  (2001 – 2002)

Real World Applications:

-  Software development, e.g. Matlab toolkit MATS (  (Software))

- Innovative software development for  video annotation, analysis, parameterization, archiving and feedback of audiovisual material using video data bases (SportScout STA, SportScout NET, SportScout 40) (1999-2009). []

Language Skills

 Greek (mother language) and English: fluent