Research Projects

  1. “Analysis of Jet Engine Inlets”, Contract number F33615-94-C-1537, Wright Patterson AFB / Veda Inc. and University of Michigan: (principal researcher) (1993-1997)
  2. “Multipurpose Antenna Design Simulator (MADS)” (ESPRIT HPCN 28363) Thomson-CSF Detexis, CIRMA, EPFL-LEMA/JAST, IDS-Ingegneria dei Systemi, ICCS/NTUA, QSW, TICRA (principal researcher) (1998-2001)
  3. “Study and development of smart antennas for mobile communication applications, Phase A”, P.E.P.E.R. project 2000, Department of Development, Plural AEBE, ICCS/NTUA (responsible researcher) (2001-2003)
  4. “Analysis of selected problems in electromagnetic wave propagation, using quaternion theory”, Archimedes basic research project, NTUA (responsible researcher) 2000-2001
  5. “Assessment of the Method of Auxiliary Sources for the solution of computational electromagnetics problems”, Archimedes basic research project, NTUA (researcher) 2000-2002
  6. “Numerical simulation of soil and foundations under static and dynamic loads”, Archimedes basic research project, NTUA (researcher) 2000-2002
  7. “External EMC Simulation for Radio Electric Systems, in the Close Environment of the Aircraft (SIRENA)”, FP6, AST3-CT-2003-502817, OKTAL, AIRBUS, ONERA, EuroInter, TUBS, ICCS/NTUA, IBK, IKT (principal researcher) (2003-2005)
  8. “Antenna Center of Excellence (ACE)”, ΝΟΕ, FP6, no 508009 (principal researcher) (2003-2005)
  9. “Civil Aircraft Security Against Manpads (CASAM)”, FP6, AST5-CT-2006-030817, SAGEM, EADS, DBD, Thales, INEGI, A.BRITO, CLYDE & Co, IER, ONERA, ADRIA, LUFTHANSA TECHNIK, KEOPSYS, LDI, DLR, FGAN, HAI, ALCATEL (researcher) (2006-2008)
  10. “High Intensity Radiated Field Synthetic Environment”, FP7-AAT-2007-RTD-1, (principal researcher and WP2 leader) (2008-2012).
  11.  “Design and optimisation of novel microwave power dividers for use in modern wireless communication systems’’, Archimedes III (researcher) (2012-)
  12. “3D-Mosaic – Advanced Monitoring       of Tree Crops for Optimized Management – How to Cope with Variability in Soil and Plant          Properties?”, ICT-AGRI project, 7th Framework Programme for Research, (researcher) (2012-2013)
  13. ‘Monitoring and Assessment of the Conservation Situation of Inverterbrates of EU interest’, Dept. of Environment and Climatic Change, (researcher, leader of the TEI C. Mac. Research team) (2014-2015).
  14. “Application of the Method of Auxiliary Sources (MAS) to the Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering from Metallic of Dielectric Surfaces with Curved Wedges”, Special Account for Research, TEI of Central Macedonia, (coordinator) (2019)